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TyrannoPedia is a great database all about Tyrannosaurs, all more than thirty of them!


Imagine: A silent forest sixty-five million years ago. It is elegant and graceful as a herd of horned dinosaurs grazes among the juicy cycads and ferns. Small, feathered dinosaurs scamper around trying to scavenge a meal. A small mammal scurries in the plants that make it look puny. Then a duck-billed dinosaur hears a faint roar. Other animals here it. The roar starts a giant stampede. All of a sudden a giant carnivore charges out of the bushes. It roars and starts running. A herd of duck-bills starts rushes out of there; exposing the weak, young and old individuals. A weakling lags behind with an infection in it’s leg. It limps barely over seven miles per hour (11.2 kph) making the animal chasing it look fast, even though it is running at the speed of a fast jog. It catches up to the animal. Second and third animals come out of the shadows and come up to the animal’s sides. Here comes the surprise though… CRACK! An animal lies on the ground with a broken neck almost tore off the rest of the body. Now imagine a different scene. A giant carnivore is cutting it’s herd for a decent, peaceful meal; without any other dinosaurs trying to take a bite out of it’s food. Today is a special. Carrion. It rips the flesh from the bone. Today’s a feast. Anyway this scene might have happened is anybody’s guess. But we know this is Tyrannosaurus rex, the tyrant lizard king. The most feared and famous dinosaur of it’s and our time. What is T. rex, the Tyrannosaurus, the most awesome, spectacular and well-known dinosaur. You may know a lot about the king of all beasts but this database lets you on the secret, deep and mysterious insights of the Cretaceous combaters and the Mesozoic’s mayhem and their killer kin.